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Bali: Getting to Know Canggu

Last stop, Canggu (Changgu as pronounced by locals).

Canggu is a resort village in Bali, known for its surfing spots — Canggu and Echo beach, it is also becoming known for its vast selection of great food choices.

It has also become a home to the growing number of digital nomads, these are the people behind a lot of start ups and run it from wherever they are. Canggu has been a popular choice among them and I had quite understood why. The place will help you balance work and play, with a lot of co-working space, you can interact with other startups, and meet new people, collaborate to start on something new again, and take breaks by going to the beach, enjoying a stroll in your scooter, or chilling out at a cafe or a cute restaurant to enjoy their food.

On our way to Canggu, we made a side trip to visit Tanah Lot. It was one of the must-visits temples in Bali, and we tried experiencing getting blessed by the monks for a donation exchange. It was really windy during our visit, but thankfully the waves were not as strong as the others.


For our visit, we stayed at Villa Neo ‘s bungalow, this comes with its private pool, and just a 5-10 minute scooter ride to the beach.

Since Canggu was  our stay in Canggu was more on the relaxing side. We tried to surf because we did enjoy it in La Union. My tip? HIRE AN INSTRUCTOR. Especially if you are still a beginner, Bali wave can be really strong, and in order to enjoy the activity you will need a local guide.

How Much Does Surfing cost in Bali?

Renting a surf board in Bali costs 100,000 IDR (P 371 | USD 7). (For two hours)

Renting a surf board + suring lessons costs 350,000 IDR (P 1,300 | USD 24). (For two hours)



Shady Shack

We mostly chilled in Canggu, given that we only have one full day in the area. I am following these Digital Nomads, Bucketlist Bombshell, and wanted to try out this establishment they were eating in. When we got there, most of the customers were westerners, and guess what? They are all with their laptops, working on their projects/businesses, and collaborating — such a sight for me!

Okay, one thing you should probably know about Shady Shack — it’s a vegan restaurant. I didn’t know it until we were there, and it was too late to get out. haha! Anyway, I did enjoy my Mac n’ Cheese.

Olivia Italian Food and Warung Cucu


After an afternoon of surfing, and days of eating Indonesian food, we were hungry and craving for pizza. Thankfully, the road going to Canggu beach has A LOT of restaurants that offers different cuisines, and we found this cute, and cozy establishment along the way.

They offer free taste of their Margharita pizza — which honestly got us; and they are partnered up with a Warung place that lured me with their Grilled Prawn meal. haha





I had been missing and craving for Gelato Secrets, and it is nowhere to be found in our area 😦 Good thing, I got curious about this small and cute store beside Olivia’s, and went to check out what it was. It was an ice cream pops shop, and I got two. lol The flavors are all fruits, and it was refreshing.


Total Spending in Canggu:

Activity IDR USD
Surfing Rp. 100,000 USD 7
Scooter Rent Rp. 60,000 USD 5.18
Shady Shack Rp. 224,000 USD 15.5
Olivia’s Italian Food Rp. 95,000 USD 6.5
Warung Cucu Rp. 55,000 USD 4
Paletas Wey Rp. 55,000 USD 4
Grilled Corn Rp. 15,000 USD 1.04
Calapon Rp. 10,000 USD .70
Gelato Secrets Rp. 45,000 USD 3.13

TOTAL:  Rp. 659,000 | USD 46


  • Visit Echo Beach Club
  • Try Revolver Coffee
  • Visit Hotel Mexicola
  • Do some Yoga
  • Visit the Gold and Silver Factory
  • Enjoy a night out in Potato Head Beach Club

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  1. Wow!! Good job on this blog heather. This is a really good read and it makes me wanna go to Canggu! Btw, how much did your airfare and hotel accomodation cost? I really wanna travel but I dont have much to spend. 😦


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