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Where To Stay In Bali

For our Bali trip, we stayed in three different districts: Nusa Lembongan, Ubud, and Canggu — which means we went homestay hopping. It was fun looking for a place to stay, because Bali is known for having a lot of private villas to offer.

I searched through Agoda and Airbnb for our stays, and was a bit shocked of how affordable the places were — given that they do look really nice and are conveniently located near the city center.

Nusa Lembongan Accommodation:

For Nusa Lembongan, we stayed at 221 Homestay which I found through Agoda. The homestay is new, and only has three villas, and is about 15-20 mins. walk to Mushroom Beach, Dream Beach and Sunset Point; and is about 10 mins. away from Tamarind beach where you can enjoy some surfing, and is a point for snorkeling tours too.

How much we paid for 3D/2N stay?  Php 1,895.00 | 35 usd

Customer Service? Their female staff can communicate in English well, but she only stays until 3pm. After that, the staff that replace her cannot understand English at all. It was rare that we find a staff around, and almost all our needs were communicated through the owner, via email because we did not buy our Indonesian sim. 

Do they serve breakfast? Yes, they do; but that’s all. You have to find yourself a Warung to eat for lunch and dinner. Oh, there are establishments that offer to pick you up, and give you a ride back to the homestay after you dine. Some of these are Dreambeach restaurant, Sunset Villa and Cafe, The Beach Club at Sandy Bay, and  Mama Mia. 


Ubud Accommodation:

Planning our itinerary in Ubud, I just know I have to find a place near everything. While searching Agoda, I came acroos Gekko’s Ubud, and we just knew that it was our place! It has around 7 villas and a lapse pool.

The place may be small as is, but it is comfortable and the ambiance is refreshing. The room we got had kitchen in it — so it comes along with a refrigerator, an electric stove, plates and mugs, free water, and of course entertainment.

How much we paid for 3D/2N stay?  Php 3, 100.00 | 58 usd

Customer Service? The company that owns Gekko’s has a tour company as well, making it very easy to book and ask for suggested places to go to around Ubud, and even outside. 

Do they serve breakfast? No, but they do have a warung affiliate that you may call on for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plus, it is located at the main road leading to the city center that’s why there are a lot of places you can eat in once you step outside.


Canggu Accommodation:

We decided to rent a villa through Airbnb for our Canggu stay, as there were A LOT of private villa at an affordable price offered in the area. ALso, it is one way to experience vacation in Bali 🙂

Our villa was a bungalow in Villa Neo, and our host Eko was really accommodating. The caretaker of the villas was Komang, who we had a pleasure of getting to know — he was very hospitable without us asking, for example, he gave us a stove where we can cook, and made sure our television can accommodate our laptops to connect. He also lent his motorbike instead of us renting out, made it cheaper by Rp.20,000. He told us that we are the same from Asian countries, which is why we should help one another. 🙂

How much we paid for 3D/2N stay?  Php 7,020.00 | 130 usd

Customer Service? Outstanding! Komang checks in on us, to make sure we got everything we need, and we have no problem.

Do they serve breakfast? No, but there are a ot of places to eat in Canggu near the beach.

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