Bali: What To Do When Staying in Ubud

Next stop, Ubud.

Our next three days in Bali was allotted for an adventure in Ubud, and its nearby places. So, as we got back from Nusa Lembongan to Sanur, our driver was waiting; before going, he asked us if we wanted to drop by the famous tourist spot in Bali, UC Silver – a gold and silver factory with beautiful architecture. As much as we wanted to, we were an hour behind check-in and was really tired from the snorkeling, and decided to go straight to the hotel.

One thing that amazes me with Bai traffic is that, even with their small roads they have reasonable traffic, it only took us an hour or less to get from Sanur to Ubud, usually it is an hour and a half. When we arrived at Gekko’s Ubud, we rested fro an hour or two then headed to the Ubud City Center, which is very near! If you like to walk, you can, but it may take 30mins, but it’s only a 10 min. taxi ride away!




There are a lot of ATM machines in the city center, so you do not have to worry should you ran out of cash. Plus, a lot of restaurants to choose from.


  • When you order Rendang, they will tell you whether it s Balinese or Indonesian. Apparently, they have different recipes for both.
  • Their satay will always come with peanut sauce.
  • They have the best iced tea! haha! Unlike here in the Philippines, I don’t think they use powdered iced teas too often. They brew.
  • The place is relaxing, even if it is located at the main road, you still get that quiet ambiance at their al fresco.




  • Yresto was located beside Gekko’s, and that’s why we were able to try out their breakfast and dinner meals.
  • For their breakfast, you can choose from Continental, Indonesian, and American meal options. These includes a platter of fruit, coffee and juice, and main dish.
  • For dinner, they close late to accommodate your late night cravings, or should you be back to the area later than expected, you have Yresto to accommodate you.
  • Friendly staff!


After we had our dinner, we decided to walk around the city center for a bit more — since it is one long street. However, when we got out the Warung, we discovered this cute gelato place — Gelato Secrets, and then we tasted its gelato. I’M IN HEAVEN!

  • I am not really the type who loves sweets, or desserts, but this gelato is just wow! I cannot have enough.
  • We ordered for three scoops, so we have the choice to have three scoops of one flavor or 1 scoop of three different flavors.
  • We were really tasting authentic ingredients, whole and rich flavors. The cold brew coffee was on point. Sorbettos as well. The Straciatella? changed my life! hahaha


SPICE by Chris Salans

  • After a day of touring, we were really looking forward for some comfort food and along the streets of  Ubud’s City Center, just in front of Pura Taman Sarswati, you will find Spice.
  • It has a bright and sophisticated ambiance, and offers different cuisines.
  • We ordered the steak sliders and Laksa with Ginger Ale and Coke for drinks — just perfect for the day we had!



  • Located right outside Gekko’s Ubud, this small warung offers Indonesian comfort food, and even allowed us to bring ur plate to the hotel just to return later on.
  • The food is really flavorful, and tasty.





  • Price paid: Rp. 200,000 (Php 766 | Usd 14.34) per head includes: coffee and tea tasting, one giant swing experience, photo-ops to the bridge, couple swing, and hummingbird’s nest.
  • Coffee and Tea tasting includes the following: 
    • Bali coffee (strong bitter taste)
    • Mocca coffee (light mocha taste)
    • Ginseng coffee (light ginseng taste)
    • Vanilla coffee (light vanilla taste)
    • Mangosteen tea (strong fruity flavor)
    • Rossela tea (floral and fruity flavor)
    • Spice tea (more fruity and flavorful)
    • Lemon tea (strong lemon/citrus flavor)
    • Lemongrass
    • Ginger tea (strong spicy finish)
    • Ginseng tea (woody but sweet flavor)
    • Cinnamon tea (sweet and light flavor)
    • Pandanus tea (light pandan flavor)
  • Luwak coffee can be added during the coffee and tea tasting for an additional of Rp. 50,000. Serving comes with one cinnmon stick to add sweetness.
    • Luwak coffee – strong bitter taste
    • Luwak coffee mixed with cinnamon stick – light bitter taste with powdery finish
  • They sell the coffee and teas in packs, souvenir sop can be found on your way out.



  • There’s a ticket to be paid: Rp. 10,000 (Php 38 | Usd 0.71) and about 2-3 more entries within the rice fields where they will ask for “donations”.
  • Our hike through the fields took about an hour and a half. There are a couple of shops you can take a rest in and eat and drink.
  • Prices of rattan bags are much cheaper in Tengalalang compared to Ubud City proper. I bought one at around Rp. 150,000 (Php 690 | Usd 10.75), and one in Ubud city center for Rp. 200,000 (Php 766 | Usd 14.34)
  • Bring cash! Atms are not working during our visit, and it may be riskier to encounter a problem here than in the city.



  • Entrance fee is Rp. 50,000 (Php 191 | Usd 3.5)
  • There are a lot of guides inside the sanctuary to make sure the safety of both visitors and the monkeys.
  • You can allot about 30-35 minutes to roam around the sanctuary and even rest at the side and enjoy having monkeys on your lap.



  • Located along the city center of Ubud, Pura Taman Sarswati is also known as the water temple.
  • You can enjoy witnessing the kecak dance inside the temple in the evening
  • There is no entrance fee if you will just be staying outside (like the ones in the photo), but a fee is to be paid for the Kecak dance, and an appropriate attire is required to enter the vicinity.


  • There are A LOT of tours and private taxis that will offer to take you on your tours for the whole day, just find the best price and maximize locations. You can ,check out Klook’s Private Charter as well.
  • We weren’t able to do this, but it is also a must! Try the Mt. Batur sunrise trek. You can ask your hotel to arrange as most of them will know and can give you the best prices, or check out Klook!
  • Klook also offers deals for Tegelalang Rice Field and Monkey Forest Full Day Tour in Ubud
  • Of course, get yours from Klook 4G Pocket Wifi. Really a trusted one!
  • If you have limited time in Bali, you can try Private Bedugul and Ubud Day Tour
  • ALWAYS HAGGLE! You can negotiate transport and items you buy at a reasonable price.

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