Budget Travel: Taiwan Day 6 and 7

Our last two days in Taiwan was spent freely, no destination to go so we did not have to rush to any places. We had two more things on our list: Shilin night market and Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.

Shilin night market is the most suggested night market to be visited and we understood why, because it offers A LOT of delicacies, games to be played, things to buy, and more. You can also have. taste of the best beef noodles Taipei has to offer in Shilin!

At first, when I was planning when to go there, I thought it was far from our hotel area, only to find out that it is just three stations away from our station. During our visit, it was quite cold with 14 degrees in the weather app.

There is definitely a lot of food choices from the food court below the market itself, luckily we found the BEST beef noodle! 🙂 For only 50 NTD, we got more than what we paid for with how yummy it was.

We did not really have anything planned for our 6th day, but just to rest from our tiring day from Yehiu-Shifen.

Day 6 Places Visited:

  • Zhongshan District
  • Shilin Night Market

Budget Spending:

Beef Noodles: 50 NTD [2 USD | 89 PHP]

Xia Long Bao: 90 NTD [3USD | 160 PHP]

Misc. for the day: 50 NTD [2 USD | 89 PHP]

Total Spending: 190 NTD [6.50 USD | 337 PHP]

7th and last day:

Our last day in Taipei, we visited Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, it was a bit rainy and the memorial itself was covered due to renovation. The space of the memorial and the two temple-like theatres besides it creates an ambiance of sanctuary and sanctity for its people. We were lucky to have witnessed the changing of guards ritual, it was a first for us.


After our quick trip to Chiang Kai Shek, we had to run across the transfer station before Taipei Zoo to visit a mall and do last minute shopping. My friend bought her Hermes sandals, and we ate at the fancy food court below Sogo mall; I bought Sugar & Spice’s nougat as a souvenir to the family.

Then, before heading to the airport, we decided to have our last meal at Shilin Night market, and have the beef noodles one last time. Yes, it was that good! 🙂 Our flight is at 1:30 a.m. so we have to be at the airport before 1 a.m., we did last minute shopping as well in Shilin — more nougat and crispy jerky.

We were able to get back to our hotel at around 10p.m. — we ran! we were definitely in a hurry because Google’s estimate travel time from the hotel to the airport is at 1.5 hours, and we have to fix our things last minute. We were able to check-out around 11p.m. and waited for our cab for 30 minutes.

While waiting, it was a rule by Air Asia to be on the counter and check in 1 hour before the flight, so we were very anxious! Luckily our driver knew where to drop us, and I still had to return my pocket wi-fi — luckily it was an easy process, Thanks, Klook! Then while they were lining up, I bought the famous Chia Te pineapple cake as a souvenir to the family too.

Safe to say, we made it just in time and some more time to kill 🙂

Day 7 Places Visited:

  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
  • Sogo Mall – Fuxing store in Da’an District
  • Shilin Night Market
  • Airport

Budget Spending:

Beef Noodles: 50 NTD [2 USD | 89 PHP]

Sugar & Spice Nougat: 250 NTD [9 USD | 444 PHP]

Crispy Jerky: 500 NTD (3 boxes) [17 USD | 887 PHP]

Nougat from Shilin: 300 NTD (3 packs) [10 USD | 532 PHP]

Chia Te Pineapple Cake:  998 NTD (499 NTD/per box) [34 USD | 1770 PHP]

Cab ride: hotel to airport: 250 NTD per head [9 USD | 444 PHP]

Total Spending: 2,348 NTD [80 USD | 4,165 PHP]



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