Budget Travel: Taiwan Day 3

What attracted me to go to Taiwan in the first place? PANDAS!! ❤

I remember when we visited the Singapore Zoo, and how I felt when I saw the Pandas, got my eyes all watery! I don’t know why, but there’s just something with these adorable animals that attracted me to them.

So, yea. When we decided to push through with our Taiwan trip, the first thing I did was list down the places to go and visit, the number one place on my list is the Taipei Zoo. So, I put it on our third-day agenda and made sure we had enough time to go around the are.

The station we went to is the Taipei Zoo station, it is the last stop in the Brown Line. You have to walk a for a good 3-5mins (depending on your pace), to get to the Maokong Gondola. It is the cable car ride that will bring you to four stations going up to Maokong station.

Let’s narrow the stations down and what you will find in each, usually tourists will only visit Taipei Zoo station and Maokong station.

First Station: TAIPEI ZOO station.

Upon alighting in this station, you will pay the entrance fee, and wait for a shuttle that will bring you to the zoo proper. We were dropped in the part of the zoo where the birds are; so we had to plot our route from there going to the pandas.

*take note: Panda house has a time set for visitors until they close doors at around 5pm. 

Second Station: TAIPEI ZOO SOUTH station

There are a few who alight here from what I’ve seen. Some say it’s another entrance route to the zoo.

Third Station: ZHINAN TEMPLE station

Discover the religious practices that go on in Taiwan. The temple is also known as the Xiangong Temple, in honor of the Taoist master that most people adore. The temple also incorporates elements from Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism and is one of the most revered temples in Taiwan.

Last Station: MAOKONG station

Here, you will find a lot of tea houses, a lot of tea farms, and a food place. The area is well-known for its tea farms, because of its high altitude and cold weather, it is the perfect place to grow tea leaves.

We tried one of the tea places, and like the other establishments in Taipei, most of it requires an order per head. Tip: If you are two, order one food and one drink that is enough to try out the place 🙂

Okay, our route for the visit was: a quick stop at Maokong then to the Zoo. We just ate and had tea in Maokong before routing down to Taipei Zoo. Find more about our visit to Taipei Zoo here.

Day 3 Places Visited:

  • Maokong Station
  • Taipei Zoo
  • Mall in our area

Total Spending:

Maokong Gondola: (Base-Maokong station) 120 NTD [ 4 USD |213 PHP]

Tea at tea house: 180 NTD each [ 6 USD | 320 PHP]

Food: 300 NTD [10 USD | 533 PHP]

Gondola: (Maokong – Taipei Zoo) 75 NTD [ 3 USD | 133 PHP]

Taipei Zoo entrance: 80 NTD (can use your Easy card for this) [ 3 USD | 142 PHP]

Gondola: (Taipei Zoo-Base) 20NTD [ .68 USD | 36 PHP]

Total Spending: 775 NTD ( 27 USD | 1,383 PHP)



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